Comprehensive Print order Management System

Nagin’s comprehensive order system is the best solution for printing houses and the printing industry to enter the virtual space and access the large market of Iran and the region. Also, with Nagin’s print order system, all information is available to you in real time, and you can manage your print shop and print orders at any time and place.

The Nagin print order system, using the experience of activists and experts with experience in the field of advertising and printing, as well as employing experienced and specialized forces after analyzing and analyzing all the stages of receiving orders, preparing orders and printing, considering and understanding the sensitivity and The high accuracy of this industry is designed and implemented based on standard processes.

Some features of the printing order system:

All raw materials in the warehouse can be defined in different units, which are divided into two general categories: definitive and escrow. All customer orders, if part or all of them are escrow, will be deducted from the raw stock of the escrow part for the customer, and if it is definite, it will be deducted from the definite raw materials.

Warehouse operations:

Registration of warehouse entry remittances where all seller information and purchase prices are recorded

Registering remittances from the warehouse, which is generally divided into two categories

It is deducted from the warehouse based on the customers’ registered orders
Deducted manually from the warehouse

In this part, all the raw materials in the warehouse are tariffed based on different units and scales.

Discount management:

In this section, a different discount percentage of the total amount of the order can be allocated for different customers

In this section, all customer information and their orders are registered. Each order includes the following sections

  • Order header information that includes date, customer, order number, tracking code in the system
  • The raw material information that is recorded based on the order of all the raw materials used, which can be definitive or safe materials, will be warned by the system if the safe materials are not available.
  • The information of the required devices, which is selected and ordered by the user of the required devices, is placed in the waiting queue of the device
  • Order priority, orders are divided into three priorities in terms of queuing: normal, urgent, very urgent, which are placed in the queue of the machine based on the priorities, and each machine first sees the very urgent orders for action, then the urgent and finally the normal ones. takes action
    Payment information and order discounts are based on the amount of discount that is considered for the customer in the discount management section and the pricing of the materials used in the titration and different numbers.
  • Registration of failure notification, in this part, the failure of an order is identified based on the technical expert’s opinion, the fault of the device or the personnel, and the cost of damage is considered as a liability of the customer.
  • The order delivery notification is delivered to the customer and if desired, a text message is sent to the customer stating that the order has been delivered.

In this section, all contract information with customers is recorded, and the amounts of delays and delivery time are recorded, based on which all reports of contracts are displayed based on the delivery date, and the delayed amounts are calculated and recorded in the customer’s debit account.

Any contract amendments and delivery delays based on unforeseen events are recorded in this section with the reason.

All payments and receipts and purchase documents for storage and miscellaneous are recorded in this section, and reports of all documents based on orders or purchases are calculated in this section.

In this section, all checks received or paid are recorded in this section, and the time of receipt of all checks is displayed.

Create online customer order registration system

In this section, all customers and the public can receive the initial order and initial price estimate from the system. This section includes the following items.

  • Providing printing services to customers and creating a customer portal, such as joining the site and receiving the latest news and developments of the collection.
  • Introducing the types of devices available in the printing process, the type of customer service process.
  • The possibility of inserting examples of works printed by the collection.
    Creation of resumes for printing collection for reference to departments and organizations for government inquiries
  • Creating a registration form for direct contact with management.
    Follow up orders using the tracking code created at the time of travel registration, based on which stage the order is at.
  • Online payment of ready orders
  • Online payment of customer debt and instant payment to the company’s account.
  • Registering the customer’s initial order online in the system and displaying the estimate of the total price of the order.
  • Criticisms and suggestions

Comprehensive Print order Management System

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