The Comprehensive System of Nagin Construction Engineering System

This system is for all organizations of the construction engineering system in accordance with various policies for the implementation of all the affairs of the organizations of the construction engineering system. The main difference between this system and similar examples is the registration of engineers’ fingerprints, which is only based on the engineer’s fingerprints of the commitment form. It is printed by the system.

All the affairs of construction engineering system organizations and real and legal members are carried out in this system, and based on that, it prevents any possible violations and provides integrated and comprehensive reports to members and managers. One of the main features of this system is that it has a standard structure that It can communicate and exchange information with other systems of administrative centers such as the municipality.

System features:

  • Comprehensive information of real and legal members (organizations) based on different disciplines (architecture, urban planning, construction, mechanical facilities, electrical facilities, mapping, traffic, experimental architecture) for engineers and associates separately in two associate and bachelor systems, as well as information registration Employment license and registration of capacity and number of work in the field and qualifications in the license and all information and specifications of real or legal members (organizations)
  • Electronic admission form to apply for member membership and connect to the portal to pay the membership fee and wallet and the process of completing the information until the full acceptance of the member and receiving the organizational membership number for the applicant
  • Registration of organization information based on the categories of design company, legal supervisor, design engineering offices, real executor, housing and building construction company, housing and mass building construction company, technical and laboratory services company, design, legal supervisor, consultant, housing and building construction company, executive associate, company Housing and building builder, executive contractor, control and inspection company and information of company members based on the positions registered in the company, as well as employment license information and the capacity and number of work in the license by discipline and authorized qualifications for all designer and supervisor companies and executives. and offices.
  • Registration of fingerprints of engineers of real and legal members (CEO) based on the matching of the fingerprints of the pledge.
  • Archive of members’ documents, which includes all the documents defined in the system for real and legal members (such as national card, identity card, notice of changes, company’s articles of association, member’s photo, stamp, company logo, etc.)
  • Registration of building information based on code renewal and full specifications of the building and building group and all information and changes and developments of buildings according to the information in the municipality
  • Archive of documents of buildings registered separately by building group and according to the documents defined in the system (such as: plans, permits, and power of attorney documents, etc.)
  • Registering the capacity deduction and the number of members’ work (real and legal) based on the information of the specified buildings and checking and validating the member before deducting the capacity by the system based on various indicators (such as the membership validity date, license date, the remaining authorized capacity, the number of authorized remaining work , legal prohibitions and…) according to the executive policies of each province
  • It is possible to print the engineer’s commitment by matching the engineers’ fingerprints, if the engineers’ fingerprints are distorted, this operation can be done after the engineer’s identity is authenticated based on the ID card.
  • The possibility of registering the document of increasing or decreasing the capacity or the number of different works based on the bill and various administrative approvals for the members
  • Sending automatic text messages to members about deducting the registered capacity and also in other areas such as the completion of the membership fee or any payment by the member.
  • Internal automation for sending letters and internal correspondence of the organization and automatic archiving of letters for the renewal code specified in the letter, as well as the possibility of sending letters to members (in this case, the letter can be accessed and viewed by members in the member panel) and displaying the letter cycle. in tree form and all information and letter attachments in each folder
  • Definitions of types of letter templates in the system management department dynamically, to send members’ letters to the organization, based on which the text of the letter is determined, and the member is only able to fill in the information items of the letter, preventing errors in the letter and standardizing the letter texts.
  • Comprehensive statistical reports, a chart of all member information and function and building information
  • The existence of a panel for members assigned based on membership number and password, where the following items are available to members:
  • Displaying the member’s personal information and the possibility of modifying some information for the member in the panel and alerting the system in case of expiry of the validity period of the membership and employment license.
  • It is possible to register a mobile number and address of the member entered in the panel to share it with the owner and other applicants if they wish
  • It is possible to print the member’s performance in the panel based on different years
  • The possibility of paying for membership renewal if the membership ends
    The possibility of reporting on the deducted buildings and the amount of leveling and the number of deficit work, as well as the possibility of displaying the archive of building documents
  • The possibility of sending e-mails in different subject categories that are determined in the management section (explained in the above paragraph), based on any request of the members from the organization and registering the necessary attachments.
  • The possibility of viewing the list of letters sent to the organization and displaying the last date and time of the action and the person taking action in the organization, as well as the possibility of printing a PDF version of the letter, which is automatically registered with the stamp and signature of the member.
  • Possibility of correcting a returned letter from the organization and sending it again and continuing the letter cycle
  • Online monitoring of registration of capacity deduction, to be displayed on LCD or TV in the organization’s internal and waiting halls for public viewing, to clarify the process of capacity deduction and inform members.
  • Display the complete information of the members of the organization with the ability to search in different real and legal categories and display the mobile phone and address information of each member. This information is issued by the member herself in the member panel.
  • Display complete information on deduction of capacities and number of work for specified renewal code on the organization’s website

Fingerprint registration activation guide

To set up fingerprint registration, use the provided guide.

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