Comprehensive system of Nagin construction engineering system

This system is for all organizations of the construction engineering system according to different policies for the implementation of all the affairs of the organizations of the construction engineering system

Sina POS Program

Specially for Mellat and Parsian Bnak

Request support and development

Organization of the construction engineering system of all provinces of the contracting parties

Nagin administrative and personnel automation system

This system is for managing personnel and human resources and all personnel and administrative requests, as well as defining the process for various personnel and administrative requests. This system is for human resource management for companies that have branches and multiple personnel in their structure, and includes all the process from recruitment to settlement, and with its dynamic capability, different processes can be defined for requests.


Programming company

Negin Data Company, relying on its experience in the field of web software implementation and store and company website, using expert experts in analysis and system design and programming, using the latest technology and methodology, your ideas, customers It turns Aziz into applications in the least time and cost.

Professional services


After designing, producing and deploying a software system, we will always be by your side to maintain and support it.


IT Consulting

With many years of experience in the field of web software production, our team is ready to provide any information technology consulting services in the fields you need.


Software Production

Custom software production is our specialty. The expert technical team will be by your side to solve the software needs of your organization in the best way.


Online Store Website Design

It’s time to abandon traditional sales methods and be where our customers are: the Internet! And all we need to sell our products online is to design a complete and professional online store. The store that is going to be the most important, safest and fastest way to sell our products to customers from now on. We understand this very well and have the necessary skills and experience to build a quality online store worthy of your name.